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Boer Goats - Herd Sires
In 2020, we have purchased our two future herd sires.     Please see details below.      We will look to offer them for live cover later in 2021.


GUNN1 The Prince (ABGA #10834357)    
DOB: January 3, 2020  

We purchased Prince at the Texas 2 Step Sale this August from Gunn Farm.     He is a very personable young buck with a bright future ahead of him.     

He has good bone structure, long length, solid chest floor, and is an overall well balanced buck.    Not to mention, he is a black-headed buck.   He is
the 1st of his kind as he is the combination of Gunn Farm's original three herd sires, SC4 4C Wrangler *ennobled*, HOPK H-4 War Horse *ennobled*,
and GUNN1 King Kong.

Sire: GUNN1 King Kong (#10753772)

Dam: GUNN1 Lois Lane (#10768484)

REIS Choose Me (ABGA #10853198)    
DOB: May 20, 2020  

We purchased "Joseph", as we call him with his coat of many colors, from Joseph Bentley in Kentucky this September.    He is a balanced junior buck that
will help bring some color and dapple spots to our herd in the future.     He is a flush kid from SAKB BAB4 Here I Am (#10805055) and REIS Silver &
Gold (#10827854).    Joseph's sire Here I Am has 131 individual points and 10 progeny points.

Sire: SAKB BAB4 Here I Am (#10805055)

Dam: REIS Silver & Gold (#10827854)