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Boer Goats - Breeding Does
In November of 2019, we re-entered the Boer Goat industry.    We purchased three
mature does from B Bar B Boer Goats.     We had them bred at 2-Bit Boer Ranch in
Bartlett, Texas.    Over the coming years, our goal will be to purchase select
top-notch breeding does and have them bred to some of the best bucks in the
industry.    Thus, our plan is to develop a solid foundation of superior genetics from
some of the best breeders in the industry.    Our family will be involved in showing
wethers and attending various open shows in Texas.......stay tuned as our new
journey begins.

                              We are members of the ABGA.  
                                        Member #42697.

J6 B Bar B I'M A Good Girl (a.k.a. Caroline) (ABGA #10793744).    
DOB: January 31, 2018.  

We purchased Caroline from Becky Akerblom in Hico, Texas.  She is a very
complete 88% paint doe with great structure and depth of body.    She has been
bred to a paint buck and should be kidding very soon.

Sire: J6 B Bar B Southern Comfort (#10776185)

Dam: RWM2 Ain't Misbehavin' (#10574576)

J6 B Bar B Yomama Rojo (a.k.a. Kayley) (ABGA Registry #70828897).    
DOB: March 10, 2018.  

We purchased Kayley from Becky Akerblom in November 2019.     She is a solid
red fullblood boer.    She has great depth of body and a striking side view.  She just
had a pair of young red bucklings born April 12th.

Sire: KALR Obomba Yomama (#10433810)

Dam: RWM2 McGee's Maci-Lei (#10556913)