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Boer Goats For Sale
We currently have two bucklings available that we will be selling as wethers.

Over the coming weeks and months we will be listing more of our boer goats, including several doelings.

WETHERS - "CAPE" and "ROY" as we call them         SALES PRICE - $750 each   
DOB: March 7, 2021  

These two bucklings (to be sold as wethers) are sired by GUNN1 King Kong and our own "Caroline".   Both sire and dam
have ABGA show points, including division banners.   Thus, we are talking about some quality genetics.   Both of these
young bucklings have plenty of length and height with quality bone structures.    They are just a few days old in the pictures
shown below.

Sire: GUNN1 King Kong (ABGA #10753772) - see pictures of Kong below
Dam: J6 B Bar B I'm A Good Girl-aka "Caroline" (ABGA #10793744) - see pictures of Caroline on our Boer Goat Doe page

         Here are a few pictures of GUNN1 King Kong winning at the show and later in the pasture.    We are really
         impressed with the kids sired by him and from both Caroline and Allie that we are blessed to now have.