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Revelation Ranch
"The future has been revealed."
In 2019, we "entered" the cattle "business".    It started with the purchase of three
heifers (for the Washington County Fair) and a super gentle Maine x Angus cross
bull, named Thomas.    

Well, we still have a few of the 2019 heifers (check out our sales page) and have
add more in 2020 in preparation of this year's fair.    To date, all of these "projects"
have been halter heifers.

It has been a tremendous amount of work getting prepared to properly care and
manage them, countless hours walking them, etc. But, for those that love cattle (as
we have quickly come to love them) it has all been worth it.


             Our 2020 halter heifers taking it easy in February

         A picture of Thomas, our Maine x Angus cross bull

      Getting prepared for 2020 Washington County Fair - this is LINDA,        
              our Spring heifer and she is confirmed bred to Thomas

         A picture of LUCY, our 2020 Beefmaster halter heifer,                    
                  she has been confirmed bred to Thomas

           A picture of Charlotte, one of our 2020 Fall halter heifers