We have decided to put some of our Nigerian does up for sale.    Also, our next batch
of 2020 doelings should arrive by late August 2020.

Does for SALE

Brown Brothers Melania  (ADGA #D1881613)      SOLD    
DOB: February 6, 2017.  

Melania was a 2017 retained doe.   She is tan with white moonspots.   She has
Piddlin Acres, Creekwood Acres, and Jobi bloodlines.   She has blue eyes.    She sells

Sire: Vida Nueva Leonardo (ADGA# D1824099)

Dam: Piddlin Acres AOB Liesel (ADGA# D1706945)

Rev Ranch Pearl  (ADGA #D2088408)      SOLD    
DOB: February 14, 2020  

She was a doe we had retained from our early 2020 kids.   However, as we are
rebalancing our goat herds, we have decided to sell her.

She is light tan / cream in color with a bit of silver.  

Sire: Jiggity Jog Jabberwocky Dayo (ADGA# D1972152)

Dam: Texas Skyz Ri Annie (ADGA# D1948502)
Revelation Ranch
"the future has been revealed"
Nigerian Dwarf Does for Sale