There appearance is stunning.   They have long , soft-quilled, curling feathers
that drape from their wings, body, and tails.   This trait is complimented by
their blue eyes.    They also have a wonderful temperament, yet are great
"guard geese".

These geese need good, clean water for swimming and entertainment ~ ours
spend hours in the pond, as well as on land "investigating" our pastures.   
Shelter at night and during extreme temperatures is a must.   All of our geese
have been genetically tested to identify their gender.

Currently, we have several geese available, as follows:

- Purebred Sebastapols - Gander + Goose Pair - $120 per pair (two pairs

- Adult Purebred Sebastopol Gander + Adult Sebastopol/Pomeranian Mixed
Goose - $90 per pair (two pairs available)

- Sebastopol / Pomeranian Ganders - $30 each (two available)
Revelation Ranch
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