Our passion at Revelation Ranch is Nigerian Dwarf goats.    It all
started fourteen years ago when we took in a rescue Boer goat from
our local equine veterinarian.    Well, she needed friends and now the
rest is history.

We switched over to raising Nigerian Dwarf goats in 2016.   Since
then, we have added does and young herd bucks from several selected
bloodlines within Texas (Buffalo Clover Farm, Emerald C Ranch,
Harlequin Dairy Goats, Twin Creeks Farm, Piddlin Acres, Texas
Skyz, and Vida Nueva Ranch) to try and create a small but quality
herd of goats.    We added some additional quality breeding does to
our herd from our first batch of kids in 2017.    

We have a disease free herd at Revelation Ranch.  We test all of our
mature goats for CAE, Johne's Disease, and CL

We also do our own fecal egg counts and FAMANCHA scores here on
the ranch striving to select for the goats that are more resistant to

We are members of the American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA).
Revelation Ranch
"The future has been revealed"
Nigerian Dwarf Goats