January 20 Update: We attended THE TEXAN show in Abilene, TX this past weekend.   That was an
incredible experience with so many good goats being shown.

     Caroline placed 2nd, 3rd, and 3rd in                       Dream in the 12-16 month FB class - she did
     the 24-36 month % senior classes                           not make the cut - each class had +33 entries  

              Joseph placed 4th in the JABGA                              E8 placed 5th in all three shows in
                       6-9 Month Buck Class                                                36+ % senior classes

December 23 Update:  We returned from a fun and successful trip to the NETGRA show in Henderson
during late November.

  Dream was the Overall Reserve Junior Division Champion in her first ever show under Linda West

Caroline placed 1st in the 24-36 month Percentage Doe class under Linda West and Morgan Hallock

E8 placed 3rd in the +36 month Percentage Doe class under Linda West and Alyssa Dugat - the two
does that beat her have well over +300 individual points between them - it was some stiff competition

                        Prince in the 9-12 month class - since showing him @NETGRA he has put
                          on an additional +25 pounds.   We cannot wait to show him more in 2021

November 8, 2020 Update - We have updated our website with additional information on our Boer
Goats - see the new Bucks and updated Does pages.    We attended the Cowboy Classic Customer
Appreciation Sale this past weekend.    We ended up buying three full blood does when we only
planned to buy one:-)

Lot #19 - MGP1 E8        DOB: 4/1/2015                  Lot #29 - 1SSS Dreams Spooky Two Ton Dream
She is a deep boned, deep ribbed, super big            DOB: 12/4/2019  She is a flush kid from one great
topped doe.    She is open and will be going in        pairing of CRRO Spook Ennobled and GGG2 HRF
with Prince soon.                                                      Dare to Dream.    We think she was the best doe at
                                                                                the sale Saturday. Thank you Scotty (Triple S Show
                                                                               Goats) for entrusting her to us.

                        Lot #56 - SRF8 Sonrise Farm Willow        DOB: 2/20/2020
                        Beautiful junior doe from Sonrise Farm in Kansas.   She is
                        tall, long-bodied and has a great chest floor. Thanks to the
                        Neher family for all your help Saturday.

November 2, 2020 update - We attended the Showdown on the Brazos Boer goat show in Brenham two
weeks ago.

Below are some of our results from the show.     


Caroline - Overall Grand % Senior Division             "E8" - Overall Reserve % Senior Division

Prince - 3rd Place in 9-12 Class.   Not to bad          Corrie - 12th out of 25 in large 3-6 FB Class
when he was just a few weeks in this class              Not too bad when she was only 5 months old
and lost to 2M and Menger Creek bucks.

At Revelation Ranch, we specialize in registered Nigerian Dwarf Goats, registered Boer Goats (and wethers),
Sebastopol/Pomeranian Geese, and Miniature Donkeys.   Our goal for our goats is to produce quality show animals focusing
exclusively on bloodlines from some of the top breeders in Texas while our approach to miniature donkeys is to offer quality,
personable donkeys at a reasonable price.

Don't forget to check out Brown Brothers Barnyard (currently under construction) for great deals on free range chicken and
duck eggs.   Our two oldest children run this "business" all on their own.   Occasionally, we will also have goat soap hand made
and molded by our children right here on the farm made from our own goat milk.

Thanks for stopping by and God Bless,

Troy & Maggie Brown (DVM)
Welcome to Revelation Ranch, home of the Brown family.   We are located in Brenham,
Texas.   We are honored that you have taken time out of your schedule to look around.
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