October 2019 update - we will be reducing our goat
herd size due to more 4H projects that we have
planned for 2020.    We have a few mature breeding
does from our Nigerian Dwarfs available.

Please have a look at our updated sales page for

As we do every year, all of our goats tested negative
in October for CAE, Johne's Disease, and CL.

At Revelation Ranch, we specialize in registered Nigerian Dwarf Goats and
Miniature Donkeys.   Our goal for our goats is to produce quality show
animals focusing exclusively on bloodlines from some of the top breeders
in Texas while our approach to miniature donkeys is to offer quality,
personable donkeys at a reasonable price.

Don't forget to check out Brown Brothers Barnyard (currently under
construction) for great deals on free range chicken and duck eggs.   Our
two oldest children run this "business" all on their own.   Occasionally, we
will also have goat soap hand made and molded by our children right here
on the farm made from our own goat milk.

Thanks for stopping by and God Bless,

Troy & Maggie Brown (DVM)
Welcome to Revelation Ranch, home of the Brown family.   We are located in Brenham,
Texas.   We are honored that you have taken time out of your schedule to look around.
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